Emmy Award 2018

FLYING-CAM Wins 2018 Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering

April 9, 2018 - Los-Angeles, USA

Company’s “Super Drone” Single Rotor Unmanned Helicopters are, for 30 Years, providing the Most Advanced Capabilities to Professionals Worldwide.

FLYING-CAM, the world leader in design and manufacturing of single rotor electric Unmanned Helicopter, as well as the pioneer of professional drone filming services, is celebrating its 30
th year anniversary with a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award® 2018!

Presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS), this Award honors development and innovation in broadcast technology and recognize companies, organizations, and individuals for breakthroughs in technology that have a significant effect on television engineering.

FLYING-CAM was already the winner of two OSCAR®, the latest, in 2014, for Scientific & Engineering Award granted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. The Flying-Cam SARAH 4.0 was recognized to provide the “most sophisticated platform today” serving prominent production like Harry Potter, James Bond, Mission: Impossible to name a few.

Holding an Emmy Award ® in his hands, the FLYING-CAM’s Founder and President, Emmanuel Previnaire, recalled proudly: “We all know that the TV industry is always aiming to be at the cutting edge of technologies. Starting as early as 1995, CBS Sports was the first TV Channel to use a FLYING-CAM drone, enhancing the DAYTONA 500 with live broadcast extreme low latency Close Range Aerial Cinematography. Back in 1988, the creation of FLYING-CAM, many were considering this to be “impossible”.”

“Our latest credit includes Game of Thrones S7. The Flying-Cam’s Drone was the only platform capable of operating at 110Km/h with professional ZEISS Ultra-Prime lenses. Moreover, the FLYING-CAM Auto-Pilot Engineer team did implement a unique bridge between the HBO C.G.I. Software and the SARAH’s 3D Motion Control environment.”

As Emmanuel present it: “FLYING-CAM’s Professional approach, which is always to strive for excellence, and apply general aviation knowledge and airmanship, will continue to push the company’s engineers towards the summit of achievements with modular design, vertical integration, and continual improvement.”

Embraced with 30years of service field experience for over 1000 projects in more than 75 countries, FLYING-CAM is now offering a new range of “Super Drone” fully integrated with the state-of-arts sensors carefully chosen to match the supreme platform quality. In addition to the Entertainment Industry, a variety of applications are now opening, ranging from Homeland Security, Earth Monitoring, and in general High Precision Remote Sensing.

 The journey in breaking the “Impossibles” is just the beginning for the Flying-Cam’s Super Drone.