The Laurel Marine Survey team and Flying-Cam team announce the successful acceptance testing of the Flying-Cam Air Mag Survey Platform

September 1 - Beijing, CH

The Laurel Marine Survey team and Flying-Cam team announce the successful acceptance testing of the Flying-Cam Air Mag Survey Platform. The Flying-Cam SARAH e 4.0 unmanned helicopter was operated in automatic mode from a ship and scanned an area of 40Ha in the Eastern Chinese sea. The magnetic data showed exceptional quality: high precision Cesium Mag sensor augmented by real time attitude compensation, RTK GPS positioning and radar altimetry data. Sonar images were used to validate the location in more detail and revealed a sunken ship of 18m by 140m, laying at 32m depth. The ship was identified as most probably the Lisbon Maru, a WW2 Japanese freighter which was sunk on October 1st in 1942.

This high precision Air Mag Survey Solution is the result of a joint development effort between Laurel Technologies and Flying-Cam. The platform consists of a high precision real-time compensated magnetometer and the Flying-Cam SARAH e 4.0 unmanned helicopter. Calibration routines and survey flight paths are designed in an efficient 3D graphical user interface. The result is a fully automatic magnetic aerial surveys that has never been so efficient and precise. Other possible applications for the Flying-Cam Air Mag Survey Solution are mining exploration, UXO, buried structures mapping etc.

Established in 1991, LAUREL is a leading integrated service provider of scientific exploration equipment, specialized in the fields of oceanography and geophysics. Since 25 years, LAUREL has been innovative and committed to provide the best services to business partners like scientific research institutes, academic organizations and enterprises, in terms of application research, system integration, hardware / software R&D, marketing, post-sales service and engineering consultation of profession equipment.  LAUREL’s latest engagement is to develop Unmanned Vehicle Technologies and application of these technologies in their specialized fields, to prepare for the new era of exploring the world by long-distanced, unmanned, telemetric and remote sensing equipment.

LAUREL operates business globally with branches, representative offices and repair centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Qingdao, Hong Kong and San Jose, USA. Over the years, LAUREL has provided services to thousands of clients, including geologists, geophysicists and oceanographers, assisted them to accomplish state-driven scientific research projects and engineering projects.

The Flying-Cam Airborne Robotic Engineering team designs and manufactures the Flying-Cam SARAH e 4.0 System (Special Aerial Response Automatic Helicopter), a 25kg, state of the art Unmanned fully Electric Helicopter. The Flying-Cam Airborne Intelligence Solution is based on this industrial grade super drone enriched by 30 years outstanding experience in field operation.

Flying-Cam started in 1988, being the first company to develop industrial drones and deliver professional services world wide. FLYING-CAM, was quickly recognized to be the reference provider for close range aerial filming services to the Motion Picture industry (Harry Potter, James Bond, Mission Impossible… ), winning 2 Oscar® with its innovative technology. As such, every aspect of the Flying-Cam SARAH e 4.0 platform has been design, field tested and optimized for safety, reliability and precision in a wide range of environmental conditions. Today Flying-Cam manufactures and sells the SARAH e 4.0 helicopter globally as integrated solution with modular payloads or as a standalone OEM product.