The Auto-Pilot is at “One” with the DISCOVERY Platform, it is designed with the same Excellence by FLYING-CAM’s Engineers. Having a VERTICAL INTEGRATION gives a Competitive Advantage that FLYING-CAM has Championed for 30 years.

√ Full Glass Cockpit
√ 3D Mission Planning
√ Automatic & Fully Programmable
√ Dual GPS Antennas
√ DGPS & RTK Code cm Precision
√ Integrated Payload HMI
√ Follow Terrain and Obstacle Avoidance

Like the Navigation & Anti-collision  lights, compliant with EASA CS27 and FAA PART 27 requirements, all the DISCOVERY main components are simply designed or chosen with respect to General Aviation Standards or more…

Aeronautic Design and Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation has been Implemented in the FLYING-CAM “Culture” as the way to provide UAS that are Safer then their Manned Twins while evolving faster, leading the way with Open-Ended Advanced Technology.