The SARAH System’s Ground Control Station is based on a Ground Communication Unit (GCU) and a ruggedized Laptop. 

A Ground Computer Twin of the Board Computer, it acts like a black box always available on the ground.

A Long Range Radio Modem (10 Km +).

A Differential GPS base Station for RTK.

+ Two Batteries for 12 hours continuous operation, hot swapable.

+ Various additional connectivity: Ethernet, RF, Power in/out, S-Bus RX…

+ Optional Long Range Automatic Tracking Antenna system.


Heading precision is key for an Helicopter. Flying-Cam Engineers chose the best Dual Antenna GPS board on the market and are using it with RTK code GPS.

A triple redundant safety battery is providing enough energy for autorotation in case of Main Battery loss. The Board Computer and the Servos actuators will remain powered for at least 10 minutes allowing full control of the machine while doing autorotation. This is one of the many feature that allow SARAH to be accepted in City operation.

The Auto-Pilot was developed by FLYING-CAM Engineers for SARAH only, this is the guarantee for best flight performance.

+ Speed Over Ground Precision: +/- 1cm/s

Heading solution with Dual Antenna GPS

+ RTK GPS centimeter accuracy

+ Manual Control

Attitude Control

+ Velocity Control

+ Way-Point Navigation (unlimited)


+ Auto Take Off

+ Auto Landing

+ Auto Return to Launch

+ 200+ Telemetry Parameters


For a totally programmable platform, FLYING-CAM has created a GUI tailor made for SARAH.

A Payload Management Module for each Sensor Type provide an easy way to set up the parameters according to the Mission requirements and context.

The Way Point Flight Path generation is facilitated by the 3D map interface. The dual Antenna GNSS on board of the SARAH allows extreme precision and repeatability in the execution of the flight path. This System is not sensitive to magnetic field disturbance often witnessed in low altitude flight close to structure.

While in operation, the SARAH Telemetry System can collect and send more than 200 parameters from the Board Computer to the Ground Computer in the Ground Control Station. The most important ones for the flight operation are presented in real time in the Flying-Cam GUI. A ”Mission Play Back” module let you play-back the entire mission with a maximum of detail on the 3D Map but with also all the key steps performed by the Operator.

A Preventive Maintenance Management Program is provided in relation to the Flight Data Logging.

Flight Instrument monitoring with automatic situation awareness.

A Computer Assisted Pre-Flight Check covers all the essential function of the System as a guarantee of a safe flight and best Assets Preservation, Platform and Payload. Mission dependent Safety Recommendation will also help to cover all Air Man good practice standard.


We apply Preventive Maintenance using Data Monitoring and Logging on more than 200 parameters. When it will be necessary, we will tell you.


30 Years Experience as worldwide leaders 
will be our legacy to you

The SARAH System is delivered with a COH (Crew Operation Hand Book). It covers everything you need to know to operate the system safely. Knowing that SARAH is a powerful machine, General Aviation Standards are applied whenever possible.

Maintenance Repair and Overall Training Level 1 will be provided after you have received your SARAH System. We will make sure you can use the system at its best performances. Finally, the 30 years experience of FLYING-CAM will be transferred to you through user case analysis in various missions and environments. Since the System is Future Proof, we will also invite you for update and upgrade training when needed.